How are your child's school results?
Could they be better, surely?

More Than Just Extra Tuition PGame School is the centre for children’s intellectual training

Bespoke educational materials, engaging methodology, and much more.

As parents, one of our greatest concerns is...

what our children are learning in school—and whether they are truly absorbing the content.

Have you ever considered how you might help your child not only to achieve better academic results but also develop essential future skills? Neglecting certain intellectual skills during development can lead to deficiencies in your child's future learning abilities. We've all known someone who struggled to achieve even passable marks in maths, or, conversely, someone who simply couldn’t grasp the text comprehension in a school exam..

The fault does not lie with the child, nor with parents who might not realise that certain skills have been overlooked. Often, schools teach children merely to answer questions, rather than to develop their intellectual abilities fully..

With parents in mind who aspire to the best for their children, and based on a meticulous study of children's intellectual development needs, PGame School and its methodologies were established. We are fond of teaching your child all the way through the path of intellectuality so one might perform well in any industry they put their hands on.

Understand better how our school works:

Age range from 5 to 12 years old

Classes are conducted online

Choose between one or two sessions weekly.

Original teaching materials

Delivered right to your doorstep

Bilingual teaching

Accessible no matter where you are in the world.

Special Support for Atypical Children

Special Support for Atypical Children

Parents who opt for PGame School ...

Report a notable improvement in their children's focus and excitement about learning. This is because our game-based teaching approach ensures that children hardly realise they’re studying—they're simply having fun while learning. There is much more to showcase about PGame School. See below some of our subjects and understand why our mission is to provide comprehensive education:

  • PGame Bilingual Literacy: it’s much easier to learn new languages as a child. We utilise this natural aptitude of the young brain for learning two languages at the same time. 


  • PGame Child Entrepreneurship: the earlier one starts, the better. In a simplified manner and with inspiring characters, we encourage children to develop skills for the future.


  • PGame Banking: financial education can be taught in childhood. The value of saving from an early age, as well as using money wisely, are prosperous teachings for us. 


  • Agent of Transformation: at PGame School, children carry out educational missions. They become agents of transformation in their communities.







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*Shipping fee for delivery to other countries will be sent upon first contact when we know your country.


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Monthly Payment R$ 329,00


Monthly Payment R$ 329,00

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